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As a product designer at BOLTgroup, I conduct research, conceptualization, and development of out-there ideas. I create solutions to real problems. I resolve human factors, aesthetic, mechanical, and sustainability challenges, and work closely with risk-taking clients to create new categories and paradigms. I work with the multidisciplinary team at BOLTgroup to provide complete solutions.

Download the Kräutstache ID Sampler PDF (~4mb).

Tactile Dispenser

Storable Furniture

TT Shifter

Design Sketches

Garage Storage

Unique, Category Owning Brands

In today's fast paced, high-turnover consumer market, brands are your most valuable assets. They help consumers relate to your products and services. Every aspect of your business is a potential touch point for your customer and should reflect what is best about your brand.

As a member of BOLTgroup, I work with a talented team of graphic designers and brand strategists to develop and implement unique and memorable brands.

Download the Kräutstache Brand Sampler PDF.

Corporate Identity

Infion Case Study

ithought.org logo

Phantom logos

Snazzy Napper

Creative Illustration

I provide creative illustration services for fashion design, event promotion, and marketing purposes. Each piece is inspired by a deep understanding of my client and their audience.

Contact me if you would like to learn more about my illustration services.

Race Flyers

Bicycle Vigilante

Squid vs Goat

Birds of Prey

Snowden Tour Flyer

MTB Tattoo

Thomson Day


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